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With freedom of movement, since we are not affiliated with any business group, and with extensive knowledge of the foreign trade sector, we act as a freelancer customs adapting to the logistics chain of our customers regardless of what other service providers make up, Coordinating with all the parts at human and computer level, and exercising as a complete customs department external to the company


Thanks to our professional service performed by highly qualified personnel with more than 20 years of experience we can be proud of the numerous successes achieved until today.
Not only do large companies rely on our services, but small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have not yet thought about exporting or are beginning to work in this area come to INTERCU in order to obtain the necessary help and thus achieve success Through internationalization.

Customs Procedures

We have in our staff a team of lawyers specialized in all the processing necessary for the export, as for the importation of almost any merchandise from any place of the five continents. We are specialists in the drafting of contracts related to import or export work as well as advice in the sequence to be followed at each moment of the process from the origin to its destination.

Our Company

We are a young company that is born of the illusion of several professionals of different activities related to the trade.

- We form a coordinated team, specialized in different departments: LOGISTICS, IMPORT / EXPORT, INTERNATIONAL AND JUDICIAL RELATIONSHIPS.

- We have chosen to import and export high quality raw materials, products that we know well and which originate in our Province (Cuenca), our Autonomous Community (Castilla la Mancha) and our nation, SPAIN.

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